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Apr 15


Watch The Trials of Muhammad Ali -

Did you miss The Trials of Muhammad Ali last night on PBS? Watch for free online NOW!

Apr 14


Apr 03

“I actually think we did a few things right,” says Kartemquin co-founder and artistic director Gordon Quinn. “We’ve tried to stay true to our core mission but we’ve tried to change with the times. We talk about reinventing ourselves … (and) we have the ability to be flexible and respond to the period of history we live in.”

“As much excited as I am when one of our films receives accolades, I’m even more so when the historical achievements of Kartemquin are lauded,” says Justine Nagan, Kartemquin executive director. “We have a real collective focus on mission and quality and high ethics – and getting people thinking and talking about the world we live in.”

“You hear a lot of cynicism about the younger generation, but that’s not what I perceive,” says Quinn. “The young people at Kartemquin are dedicated, focused, mission-driven and are trying to make a change.”

” —

Kartemquin is honored to be the first organization ever to receive the RiverRun International Film Festival’s Master of Cinema Award.

The award will be presented following a screening of Bill Siegel’s documentary The Trials of Muhammad Ali at Wake Forest University on April 9.

Read more about the festival, and our reaction to the award, in Yes Weekly.

Apr 02